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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between a scientific, professional and review article?

2. Next to the bibliographic record I attached also the full text of the article that is still in print. My colleagues advise me to remove the full text because someone can steal my results before their publishing. Is that true?

3. I published an article in the journal and am unsure whether I am allowed to publish the full text of that article in CROSBI's electronic archive.

4. How to list the institution papers for a particular year, or a certain age range?

5. How to list the institution papers for a particular year, or a certain age range?

6. There are about 10 of my works in CROSBI, and the list of active scientists shows only two works attached to my id number (or I'm not on the list at all)!

9. I'd like to put a link on my Web page that refers to my updated bibliography in CROSBI. How can I do it?

13. What's the difference between a book and the proceedings?

14. What's the difference between the article and chapter in a book and the article in the proceedings?

15. What's the difference between the article in the proceedings and the article in a journal?

16. My last name (first name/id number/institution's name/ project's name) is incorrect. Can you correct it and what's the procedure?

19. What should I do when I get a message that the work is "locked"?

20. Which journals are 'equal in quality'?

21. Can several projects numbers be searched at the same time and can that search yield compiled search result page?

23. Can you specify the length of each field?

24. What's a volume, and what an issue of a journal?

25. Where can I find the information about a journal issue?