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Eni Generalić

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  Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

1. Brinić, Slobodan; Buzuk, Marijo; Bralić, Marija; Generalić, Eni.
Solid-contact Cu(II) ion-selective electrode based on 1, 2 di (o salicylaldiminophenylthio)ethane. // Journal of solid state electrochemistry. 16 (2012) , 4; 1333-1341 (journal article). URL link to workURL link to work

2. Brinić, Slobodan; Buzuk, Marijo; Generalić, Eni; Bralić, Marija.
Improving the response of copper(II) selective PVC membrane electrode by modification of N2S2 donor ligand. // Acta chimica Slovenica. 57 (2010) ; 318-324 (journal article). URL link to work

3. Buzuk, Marijo; Brinić, Slobodan; Generalić, Eni; Bralić, Marija.
Copper(II) ion selective PVC membrane electrode based on S, S' bis(2 aminophenyl)ethanebis(thioate). // Croatica chemica acta. 82 (2009) , 4; 801-806 (journal article). prilozen text radaURL link to work

4. Bralić, Marija; Brinić, Slobodan; Generalić, Eni; Vrsalović, Ladislav.
Development of a flow manifold for Fe(III) ion determination with a fluoride ion-selective electrode. // Talanta. 63 (2004) , 3; 777-783 (journal article).

5. Bralić, Marija; Radić, Njegomir; Brinić, Slobodan; Generalić, Eni.
Fluoride electrode with LaF3-membrane and simple disjoining solid-state internal contact. // Talanta. 55 (2001) , 3; 581-586 (journal article). URL link to workURL link to work

6. Bralić, Marija; Generalić, Eni; Krka, Silvestar.
Design of the Fluoride Ion-Selective Electrode as Tubular Detector for Flow Injection Analysis. // Analytical Letters. 33 (2000) , 9; 1811-1825 (journal article).
  Scientific papers in other journals

1. Generalić, Eni; Vladislavić, Nives.
Aggregate Redox Species Method - an Improved Oxidation Number Change Method for Balancing Redox Equations. // Chemistry Journal. 4 (2018) , 3; 43-49 (journal article). URL link to work
  Abstracts in Book of abstracts

1. Buzuk, Marijo; Brinić Slobodan; Generalić, Eni; Caktaš, Filipa; Bralić Marija.
Copper(II) ion selective electrode based on 1, 2- di-(o-salicylaldiminophenylthio)ethane // XXI Skup kemičara i kemijskih inženjera.

2. Bubić, Ana; Generalić, Eni; Bralić, Marija.
Potentiometric Determination F^- in Dentifrice by Flow Analysis // XVII. hrvatski skup kemičara i kemijskih inženjera / Vicković, Ivan, editor(s).
Zagreb : Hrvatsko kemijsko društvo i Hrvatsko društvo kemijskih inženjera, 2001. 167 (poster,abstract,scientific).

3. Bralić, Marija; Generalić, Eni; Krka, Silvestar.
A Study of Kinetic Dissolution of Aluminium Compaunds at Different pH Values and Their Effect on Environment // XVI. HRVATSKI SKUP KEMIČARA I KEMIJSKIH INŽENJERA / Kurtanjek, Želimir ; Škare, Danko ; Meić, Zlatko, editor(s).
Split : Hrvatsko društvo kemijskih inženjera i tehnologa, 1999. 330 (poster,domestic peer-review,abstract,scientific).