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Marina Grubišić

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  Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

1. Marđetko, Nenad; Novak, Mario; Trontel, Antonija; Grubišić, Marina; Galić, Maja; Šantek, Božidar.
Bioethanol Production from Dilute-acid Pre- treated Wheat Straw Liquor Hydrolysate by Genetically Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae. // Chemical and biochemical engineering quarterly. 32 (2018) , 4; 483-499 (journal article). URL link to workURL link to work
  Scientific papers in other journals

1. Grubišić, Marina.
Properties and strategies of computer-mediated communication: a case study of a thread on a Croatian forum. // Studia Romanica et Anglica Zagrabiensia. 62 (2018) ; 81-97 (journal article).

2. Grubišić, Marina.
Addressing the notions of convention and context in social media research. // Jezikoslovlje. 18 (2017) , 3; 473-497 (journal article). URL link to work
  Abstracts in Book of abstracts

1. Raffaelli, Ida; Grubišić, Marina; Katunar, Daniela; Čulig, Janja; Filko, Matea.
Language acquisition - linguistic production and grammatical structures in early language development // IV. Simpozij o istraživanju i bolestima mozga / Razred za medicinske znanosti HAZU, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2019. 25-26 (lecture,abstract,scientific).

2. Grubišić, Marina.
She Analyzed 300 Headlines. You Won't Believe What Happened Next! // 8th International Pragmatics Conference INPRA 2018. 8e Conference internationale: Pragmatique et communication interculturelle..
51-51 (lecture,international peer-review,abstract,scientific).

3. Grubišić, Marina.
Addressing pragmatics in social media research: a proposition of key notions and questions // .
(lecture,international peer-review,abstract,scientific).

4. Marina Grubišić.
The role of corpus pragmatics in research into language of emotions // .
(lecture,domestic peer-review,abstract,scientific).

5. Grubišić, Marina.
The Role of Image Macros in Online Conversations // .
(lecture,international peer-review,abstract,scientific).

6. Grubišić, Marina.
Discourse of manipulation - media reports on medical topics // .
(lecture,international peer-review,abstract,scientific).

7. Kraljević, Marija; Grubišić, Marina.
Croatian Dual // .
(lecture,international peer-review,abstract,scientific).
  Unpublished papers

1. Stojanovski, Jadranka; Grubišić, Marina; Macan, Bojan; Cvitanušić-Brečić, Marina.
The Role of the Croatian Scientific Bibliography CROSBI in the Re-Accreditation of the Higher Education Institutions Processes // .
(lecture,international peer-review,ppt presentation,expert). prilozen text rada

1. Grubišić, Marina.
Linguistic expressions of anger in Croatian and (American) English / doctoral thesis.
Zagreb, Hrvatska : Filozofski fakultet, 3.12. 2014., 187 pages. Mentor: Žic Fuchs, Milena ; Kalogjera, Damir.

1. Vidović, Tea.
Reading skills and FL acquisition in dyslexia: A case study / graduate thesis.
Zagreb : Filozofski fakultet, 06.09. 2017, 48 pages. Mentor: Grubišić, Marina ; Zovko Dinković, Irena.