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Autori: Martinović, Goran
Naslov: Human-centered Model of Cooperation in Building Computational Grid around Virtual Enterprises
Izvornik: WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on COMPUTERS (1109-2750) 4 (2005), 11; 1534-1540
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: cluster; computational grid; cooperation; heterogeneity; human profiling; virtual enterprise
Computer intensive applications are still in large part executed on expensive dedicated resources. On the other hand, millions of high-performance computers connected by fast networks are working very underloaded. Inclusion of such non-dedicated resources in the computational grid depends primarily on cooperation willingness between their owners, respectively users of grid services. In addition to heterogeneity and dynamics of environment, management of non-dedicated resources is additionally worsened by owner selfishness, as well as user greadiness. Therefore, this article proposes a human-centered weighted model of computer environment profiling. It includes parameters of human, platform, application and the mapping procedure. Static parameters are collected by a web questionnaire, whereby dynamic parameters are collected by software tools. Priority list of candidates for resource engagement and usage is obtained by parameter processing. It is experimentally proved that the proposed approach enables a decrease of application execution time, communication costs, as well as the number of false mappings. At the same time it ensures convenient load balancing. A flow of resources and services between research institutions and different enterprises enables building of a global virtual enterprise strengthened by the power of the computational grid.
Projekt / tema: 0165103
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Google Scholar: Human-centered Model of Cooperation in Building Computational Grid around Virtual Enterprises

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