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Autori: Banfill, Phil; Stipanović, Irina; Tritthart, Josef
Naslov: Cement based grouting materials
Izvornik: COST 534 Action New materials, systems, methods and concepts for durable prestressed concrete structures, Final report / Polder, R., Elsener, B. (ur.). - Toulouse : ESF COST , 2007. 61-72.
Skup: COST 534 Final Workshop "New materials, systems, methods and concepts for durable prestressed concrete structures: what have we learned?"
Mjesto i datum: Toulouse, Francuska, 26-27.11.2007.
Kljune rijei: grouts; cement; admixtures; testing methods; requirements
A COST 534 group project “ Improvement of properties of grouts for prestressing tendons and/or ground anchors” is concerned with the physcial, chemical and mechanical properties of grouts, with the aim of improvement of grout performance for prestressing tendons and ground anchors. Important properties are rheology, stability of suspension with respect to bleeding and settlement, expansion, etc. The respective standards such as EN 445 or fib-guideline contain requirements but no guidance on grout formulation. Test methods and evaluation criteria of standards are critically discussed and it is shown that some of the prescribed test methods and requirements are not representative of the behaviour and performance of grouts in use. Furthermore, the information given by the producers in the product data sheets is partly insufficient. In order to get the necessary insight in the correlations tests were carried out with the use of scientific instruments. The final goal of this study was to define rules for grout formulation and how the requirements can be met.
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Projekt / tema: 082-0822161-2990, 082-0822161-2159
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Građevinarstvo,Temeljne tehničke znanosti
Upisao u CROSBI: Marijana Serdar (, 7. Pro. 2007. u 10:00 sati

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