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Autori: Levlin, Jan-Erik; Grossmann, Harald; Read, Barry; Ervasti, Ilpo; Hooimeijer, Arie; Lozo, Branka; Sain-Armand, Francois Julien; Cochaux, Alain; Faul, Andreas; Ringman, Jori; Stawicki, Bartek; Bobu, Elena; Miranda, Ruben; Blanco, Angeles; Stanić, Maja
Naslov: The Future of Paper Recycling in Europe: Opportunities and Limitations
Vrsta obrazovnih materijala: Ostalo
Razina obrazovanja: Nedefinirano
Urednik/ci: Stawicki, Bartek ; Read, Barry
Izdavač: PITA
Grad: Bury, Greater Manchester
Godina: 2010
Stranica: 202
Ključne riječi: Paper Recycling; Europe; Opportunities; Limitations
The main objective of the book is to collect facts, data and experiences and to develop on the basis of these information scenarios which – in a meaningful way – will help to develop a better idea on how an ecologically and economically optimised utilisation of recovered paper within Europe could look like. In order to do this it is important to identify ecological and economical limits beyond which paper recycling would no longer be a reasonable option. Once these limits are identified, the paper industry will be in the position to undertake targeted approaches aiming at extending these limits – or to make in-time decisions to prepare for a gradual re-substitution of recycled fibres by virgin fibres. The availability of such well and comprehensively investigated scenarios are an important prerequisite for the European paper industry to undertake means which enable it to maintain an as high as possible level of sustainability and at the same time remain competitive in world markets. Thus the way will be paved for targeted approaches in various fields, the aim of which is to safeguard the raw material base for the European paper industry for which recovered paper plays an important role and, at the same time, help the industry on its way towards sustainability.
Projekt / tema: 128-0000000-3288
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Grafička tehnologija
Upisao u CROSBI: (, 20. Svi. 2010. u 13:28 sati

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