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Urednik/ci: Prskalo, Ivan ; Findak, Vladimir ; Strel, Janko
Naslov: Individualizing Instruction in Kinesiology Education
Vrsta knjige: zbornik
Izdavač: Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Grad: Zagreb
Godina: 2010
Stranica: 211
ISBN: 978-953-7210-37-3
Ključne riječi: Individualization; Kinesiology; education
The contemporary conception of conducting exercise, as well as the entire educational process is incomprehensible without respecting the principle of individualising instruction. Primarily because success in any human field of activity and especially in those that refer to working with people depends on the extent to which their authentic needs, interests and desires are met (Findak, 1999). In kinesiological education, which implies the transformation of anthropological status with the simultaneous increase in the level of motor and theoretical knowledge and the level of motor achievements, individualizing instruction becomes the only possible way. Providing maximum adjustment of the programme of physical exercise to individual characteristics of any person with predetermined aims, becomes inconceivable without knowing the anthropological status (Findak, 1999) - relevant determinants of an individual and the starting point for the individualised instruction. The aim here is to answer the questions about the possibilities of individualised instruction in kinesiological education in order to ensure its prospects, especially during the most sensitive stages of education. It is evident that kinesiological education should have the greatest effect on the entire population, because it monitors humans from pre-school to higher education (Prskalo and Babin, 2006) and therefore presents the most numerous applied field of kinesiology, has the greatest challenges and limitations in applying individualised instruction, but, simultaneously it has the greatest responsibility for the state of the nation in the narrower, and population in the wider sense. The topic of the Symposium particularly deals with curricular changes in Europe and in Croatia, where the scientific conference conclusions, including this symposium, could have and should have influence on the changes of kinesiological knowledge. The Symposium is part of the scientific project (Kinesiological education in preschool and primary education), executed with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.
Projekt / tema: 227-2271694-1696
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstvena
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