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Autori: Ćaleta, Joško
Naslov: Music and Musical Life on Dalmatian Islands: "Processions, Carnivals, Haka-musaka, Viroza party…" - - Musical Traditions of Bol, the Island of Brač
Izvornik: TRANS Transcultural Music Review (1697-0101) 14 (2010);
Vrsta rada: znanstveni rad
Ključne riječi: ethnomusicology; music and tourism; music of Croatian islands; traditional (Glagolitic) church singing; processions; klapa singing
Geographically and historicaly, the Dalmatian islands are integral part of the Mediterranean cultural area. Life, as well as musical life, on these islands was altered parallely with the changes of the cultures that dominated Mediterranean area - from early Greek and Roman cultures domination, to Byzantine and Otoman domination as well as a various rulers such as Venician rule (1409-1797), French or Austrian rule. During the long period of turbulent history, the Dalmatian islands were final destination for numerous refugees from the broad inland regions, especially Dalmatian Hinterland. Ecconomic catastrophy at the end of the 19th century made a numerous islanders to seek a better life in the overseas countries of South and North America and Australia. Despite all of the circumstances, the musical life in the small urban and rural communities on the Dalmatian islands, is significantly present through variety of traditional customs, both secular and sacral, and various vocal, instrumental and dance forms. For a long period of time, the author is following and observing a life (musical) in the various Dalmatian islands community. One of them is a small pitoresque town of Bol on the island of Brač. Fascinations with small community «double» life – summer (global) life when the community become a typical Mediterranean tourist destination and the rest of the year local islanders (musical) life, when all the local customs are still actual, autor depict through ethnographic descriptions (video clips) of the main local annual events, in the same time, reffering to the similar events or vocal, instrumental and dance forms and styles of the other Dalmatian islands. The preoccupation with history and its reinterpretation among local communities as well as manifestation of constant changes are main characteristics of the musical - life of island communities both towns and villages. Historical processes that result from confrontation between global influences brought by tourism and local communities who are trying to preserve their own system contributed to the creation of well-defined local identities as evident in the example of Bol.
Projekt / tema: 189-1890666-0664
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Kategorija: Ostalo
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Etnologija i antropologija
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