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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 698009


Urednik/ci: Milanović, Dragan ; Sporiš, Goran
Naslov: 7th International scientific conference on kinesiology_fundamental and applied kinesiology - steps forward
Vrsta knjige: zbornik
Izdavač: Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb
Grad: Opatija
Godina: 2014
Serija: 7
Stranica: 764
ISBN: 978-953-317-027-5
Ključne riječi: Kinesiology
Quite a number of significant anniversaries in year 2014 are related to sport, physical education and kinesiology in Croatia. The most important anniversary is the 55th birthday of the College of Physical Culture/Faculty of Physical Culture/Faculty of Kinesiology establishment in 1959. However, the tradition of physical education teachers’ education in Croatia is much longer than that. Namely, in 1874, the Croatian Falcon (Hrvatski sokol) was founded and in 1894, first course for gymnastic teachers was organised as the first higher education course in the field of kinesiology in Croatia. Along with these important anniversaries, this year we are marking the 17th birthday of our Conference on kinesiology, dear Reader, and you are one of the most important reasons why is this so. From the first Conference in Dubrovnik in 1997 up nowadays, many changes in our science have occurred as well as in the practice of physical exercise and sports along with innumerable changes in political and social dimensions of modern life. However, we are deeply convinced that one thing has remained unchanged ; that is the passion for investigation and knowledge acquisition, the need for new discoveries and love for kinesiology as the main field of our research. Also, we are assured that our ideas about the conference as a meeting point of distinguished scientists, leading researchers in different fields of our science and young investigators have become reality. We expect discussions and exchange of ideas that should result, as they have before, in new research ideas, insights, and research teams and projects the eventual outcome of which would be further advances in kinesiology and in cognate and adjacent scientific areas. The Conference will work under the motto “Fundamental and applied kinesiology - steps forward” in usual plenary and parallel sessions addressing ten comprehensive kinesiological topics: adaptation of human organism to disuse and ageing ; adapted physical activity and kinesitherapy ; biology and medicine of sport and exercise ; biomechanics and motor control ; physical education ; kinesiological (sports) recreation ; kinesiology of top-level sport ; management of sport ; kinesiology and social sciences (sociology, psychology, history, philosophy) and kinesiology in physical conditioning. Certain areas will be addressed at the Conference for the first time, like adaptation of human organism to disuse and ageing. All the papers that have got positive reviews, performed by at least two respectable referees, are published in these proceedings. The best papers, so recognized by the peer reviewers, will be published in the journal Kinesiology supplement. Two significant satellite symposiums are going to be held during this year Conference under the titles: University Sport and Health Kinesiology. Both symposia are aiming at provoking experts from these areas to find solutions and answers to recent problems in these specific fields From the very beginning, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Fine Arts has been giving its high patronage to the Conference, thus underpinning the recognition of kinesiology in the structure of different areas in science. We are proud to have partners and cooperating institutions like Beijing Sports University (China), Faculty of Sport Studies Masaryk University, Brno (the Czech Republic), Science and Research Centre, University of Primorska (Slovenia) and Lithuanian Sports University. Also, our conference is supported by a number of important organisations in the field of kinesiology such as: the European College of Sport Science (ECSS), International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP), International Federation of Physical Education (FIEP), and International Network of Sport and Health Sciences (INSHS). This year the assembly of kinesiologists from 32 countries will discuss diverse aspects of a variety of kinesiological issues presented in 220 papers and abstracts written by 514 authors. The Proceedings and Abstract Book is a reminder of the research findings accomplished in the field of kinesiology, or sport sciences, or kinetics, or kinanthropology throughout the past three years. The presented papers are a basis and a probable starting point for future findings and inferences since they cover a wide range of anthropological (understood in the widest sense), methodological and didactic investigations in the areas of physical education, competitive sport, kinesiological recreation, and kinesitherapy. We wish to express exceptional gratitude to all the authors of papers, reviewers, conference participants, members of the Organising and Programme Committee, Section Editors and technical support staff for their contributions, time and effort inbuilt in quality of the 7th Conference on Kinesiology and its Proceedings.
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