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Autori: Marjanić, Suzana
Naslov: Nature Spirits and Anti-Fashion Design: A Photo-Nature Spirits and Anti-Fashion Design: Performance Look into the Interworld by Tajči Čekada
Izvornik: Conference of Belief Narrative Network of ISFNR Nature Spirits: Continuity and Change October 1-4, 2014, Zugdidi, Georgia / Bela Mosia (ur.). - Tbilisi : Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi, Georgia, October 1-4, 2014, Tbilisi 2014. , 2014. 38-38.
Skup: Nature Spirits: Continuity and Change Conference of Belief Narrative Network of ISFNR Nature Spirits: Continuity and Change
Mjesto i datum: Zugdidi, Gruzija, 1-4. listopada 2014.
Ključne riječi: nature spirits; Tajči Čekada
In this article we introduce the Croatian multimedia artist – fashion designer and performance artist Tajči Čekada, or more precisely, her unconventional fashion exhibition, photo-performance Look into the Interworld (2011), as an illustration of the connection of sacred, archaic myth with design. In fact, she is a fashion designer who rejects the dictation of the fashion industry and conventional catwalk. As she once pointed out herself – the role of myth and the use of different archetypes is a prominent characteristic of the majority of her works. In the series of photographs, a photo-performance titled Look into the Interworld (2011) Tajči Čekada presents mythical beings, such as fairies and elves, nightmares (mora), werewolves (kudlak), Naiads, Rusalkas. However, as a starting point she does not take the existing archetypes of those mythical beings, but her own experience with those supernatural beings. In that phase of fascination with mythical beingss from Slavic ethno-tradition, the artist points out: "People are imperfect, which means they might still improve themselves, and that gives a certain amount of optimism. I found Rosicrucian philosophy, which argues that people are responsible for all life forms, even for the mineral one, interesting. I believe that this idea makes sense. For a long time I have had the idea about the existence of Gzmauts, hybrid species with Sumerian eyes, with no purpose. They are usually sexless, they like to drink and have fun. They appear when you least expect them, alone or in a group, and they ask no questions. There are two sub-species: soft and hard ones. I often depict their figures on my creations. Each new appearance amuses me strangely."
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Projekt / tema: 189-1890666-0664, 189-0000000-3626
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
Znanstvena područja:
Etnologija i antropologija
Upisao u CROSBI: Suzana Marjanic (, 23. Stu. 2014. u 10:31 sati

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