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Autori: Miholić, Irena
Naslov: Changing the Instruments, Changing the Music: Traditional Music Ensembles in the Northern Part of Croatia
Dio CC časopisa: NE
Skup: European Voices IV. Multipart Instrumental Music: Soloist and Ensemble Traditions
Mjesto i datum: Beč, Austrija, 27.-29.11.2015.
Ključne riječi: Traditional Music Ensembles
In this paper I discuss treatment of music ensembles in northern part of Croatia in different historical sources, and approach to instruments, specially the violin and ensembles as a part of music tradition in ethnomusicological literature. Following the role of violin in music ensemble, various types will be presented: ensembles with violin as a main, dominant instrument, then ensembles where violin loses this position because of adding other instruments, and complete replacing of violins with some other instruments. All of these changes cause not only new sounds, but also changes considering melodies and harmonies as well as repertoire of the musical ensembles in general. This will be emphasized with field recordings from the Archive of Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research but also published recordings made from 1950es till today. The music examples will also illustrate different social functions of the ensembles in past century as well as different treatment of music among musicians themselves. Various interpretation of “tradition” among scholars, musicians and the audience leads to various treatment of violin in music ensembles even today. A kind of “revival” of the instrument is visible. It involves many young musicians: some of them try to achieve “old” sound in order to safeguard the local tradition, and some of them try to make new music which sounds “old”. Which ensemble is then the “real traditional ensemble” is a question with many answers.
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Etnologija i antropologija
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Upisao u CROSBI: Irena Miholic (, 23. Svi. 2016. u 23:32 sati

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