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Autori: Roić, Miodrag; Vranić, Saša; Kliment, Tomaš; Stančić, Baldo; Tomić, Hrvoje
Naslov: Development of Multipurpose Land Administration Warehouse
Izvornik: Proceedings from FIG Working Week 2017: "Surveying the world of tomorrow - From digitalisation to augmented reality"Copenhagen : International Federation of Surveyors , 2017. 1-12.
Dio CC časopisa: NE
Skup: FIG Working Week 2017
Mjesto i datum: Helsinki, Finska, 29.05.-02.06.2017.
Ključne riječi: Multipurpose Land Administration, Cadastre, Land Management, LADM, Metadata
A multipurpose land administration system (MLAS) should integrate various types of data that are stored in many official registers as public sector information. All information of the public sector, if available, is the potential which can contribute to social and economic development. The right of access to public sector information in recent years is guaranteed by regulations in many countries. Although the regulations differ, their objectives are common. Informing the population is an important task for the development of democracy, fighting corruption and increasing the accountability of the governing structures. The availability and redundancy of data can be determined by comparing the key registers’ data. Results of comparisons are used in the development and implementation of a prototype of an MLAS warehouse and implementation of a portal for access to (meta) data. In order to establish a prototype warehouse, open source technologies were analysed in terms of their applicability to the development of an appropriate data model of a warehouse. Based on the strengths and weaknesses, we opted for the approach to modelling and establishment of a repository for various types of data. Typical data are migrated to storage. Each migrated dataset is described in a standardized manner with metadata. In that way, discoverability and searchability is facilitated, which results in significantly improved ability to use the warehouse of an MLAS. Metadata/data infrastructure is established as a set of publicly available services suitable for research of improvements of usage of public sector information. Two portals with the ability to view/download data have been implemented. These provide access to the metadata with the ability to search/view/download data. This allows further research on the possibilities of using the data for various purposes such as real estate mass valuation and land consolidation.
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Projekt / tema: HRZZ-IP-2013-11-7714
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Upisao u CROSBI: Saša Vranić (, 31. Svi. 2017. u 13:58 sati

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