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Autori: Belaj, Melanija; Ivanišević, Jelena
Naslov: The discrete charm of the heads and blood: destiny of offal and blood dishes in Croatian menus
Dio CC časopisa: NE
Skup: Colloque Teresma: Produits menacés, produits oubliés, produits disparus. Causes et mécanismes du déclin, XIVe-XXIe siècles.
Mjesto i datum: Université Bordeaux Montaigne, Francuska, 4-5.04 2017.
Ključne riječi: offal dishes, Croatian cookbooks, ethnographic monographs, ethnography, modern eating habits
In the last 50 years, consumption of offal based dishes in Croatia is declining to the point where they are considered mostly gruesome or even inedible. The modern eater of muscle meat does not even want to think about what happens with the bits and pieces of meat left behind. Popular belief is that the meat industry somehow miraculously transforms them to pâtés, sausages, and other meat products of dubious composition, or they become pet food sometimes sold even in butcher shops (usually in the form of dog salami). In this paper, we trace offal based dishes in cookbooks from the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century, as a story of a middle, urban class foodways, and in ethnographic monographs of the same period as a picture of rural life and culture. Through following several food centered groups on social networks, we offer insights into who eats ‘old fashioned foods’ and what the main reactions to eating such foods are.
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Upisao u CROSBI: Melanija Belaj (, 13. Ruj. 2017. u 07:49 sati

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