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Bibliographic record number: 112826


Authors: Božanić, Rajka; Tratnik, Ljubica; Hruškar, Mirjana
Title: Influence of culture activity on aroma components in yoghurts produced from goat's and cow's milk
Source: Acta Alimentaria (0139-3006) 32 (2003), 2; 151-160
Paper type: article
Keywords: goat's milk yoghurt; microbiology; acetaldehyde; diacetyl; storage
In this paper the experiments on microbiological quality and aroma components of yoghurt samples produced from long life goat's and cow's milk, and also from milks with 2% milk powder addition, during 9 d of refrigerated storage were described. Milk fermentation was conducted at 42 °C for 6 h. During d 1, 3, and 9 of storage the changes in acidity (pH value and lactic acid percent), viable counts of streptococci and lactobacilli, and aroma components (acetaldehyde and diacetyl) were determined. Lower pH values and smaller lactic acid concentrations were found in control yoghurt samples. Viable counts of streptococci decreased during storage (from 1.01x10 8 to 3.97x10 7 CFU ml-1), whereas the viable counts of lactobacilli increased in all samples (from 6.95x10 6 to 2.32x10 7 CFU ml-1). The increase in count of lactobacilli was greatest in goat's milk yoghurt samples. On the ninth day of storage, DlogN between cow's and goat's milk yoghurt samples was 0.2. Acetaldehyde in yoghurts decreased during storage time from 5.47 mg kg-1 (on d 1) to 1.05 mg kg-1 (on d 9). Both control yoghurt samples had lower acetaldehyde concentration than did the supplemented samples. During nine days of storage, a significant increase in diacetyl content of yoghurt samples (from 14.20 mg kg-1 on the first day to 18.65 mg kg-1 on d 9) was noticed. Goat's milk yoghurts, especially that manufactured without milk powder addition, had very soft consistency but no syneresis was observed.
Project / theme: 0058005, 0058018
Original language: ENG
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Food processing technology
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Google Scholar: Influence of culture activity on aroma components in yoghurts produced from goat's and cow's milk

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