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Bibliographic record number: 246624


Authors: Kopecki, Anđelko; Milanović, Josip; Žagar, Drago
Title: Crosstalk effects in ADSL systems
( Crosstalk effects in ADSL systems )
Source: WSEAS Transactions on Communications (1109-2742) 5 (2006), 2; 364-371
Paper type: article
Keywords: crosstalk effects; ADSL systems; data transmission
( crosstalk effects; ADSL systems; data transmission )
ADSL is a broadband technology which enables data transmission at high rate. ADSL data transmission rate is affected by many factors, one of the most significant being neighbouring twisted pair crosstalk. Crosstalk can occur at the near end of the pair (NEXT) and at the far end of it (FEXT). NEXT is more influential since the neighbouring pair disturbance signal could cause significant distortion of the primary signal. Unlike NEXT, FEXT is less significant because the interfered signal on the other side of the loop attenuates while travelling through the loop (attenuation inside the cable). The increasing of crosstalk results in a decreased transmission rate decreased transmission range and can cause a system failure. Therefore, one of the main reasons for further improving of ADSL technology is reducing the crosstalk effects (5 References).
Project / theme: 0165112
Original language: eng
Citation databases: Scopus
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Electrical engineering
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