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Bibliographic record number: 499665


Authors: Kis, Darko; Stoić, Antun; Žagar, Drago; Sito, Stjepan
Title: The contents of carcinogenic PAHs on corn seeds and the energy efficiency of drying by different energy sources
Source: Tehnički vjesnik : znanstveno-stručni časopis tehničkih fakulteta Sveučilišta u Osijeku (1330-3651) 17 (2010), 3; 285-288
Paper type: article
Keywords: combustion gases ; direct drying ; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
A modern and intensive cattle breeding involves the use of good quality food, which has to be in accordance with the basic nutritional requirements and health standards to protect human health. Corn is one of the most important components of fodder mixtures and it is subjected to drying in kilns of different designs. The kilns use various energy sources and it is possible to contaminate corn grain with carcinogenic PAHs generated by fuel combustion. The aim of this study is to determine the presence of carcinogenic PAHs on the grain after drying in a direct-fired kiln plant in case when light oil and ground gas were used. The research results point to a regular presence of carcinogenic PAHs in case when both types of fuel were used, but their values are not significant in terms of the adsorbed amount and therefore they cause no significant risk. Ground gas has a considerably more favourable energy efficiency level compared to light oil.
Project / theme: 152-1521473-1474, 152-1521473-1476, 152-0000000-3309
Original language: ENG
Citation databases: Scopus
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Category: Ostalo
Research fields:
Mechanical engineering
Full paper text: 499665.tv_kis-stoic_17_2010_3_285_288.pdf (tekst priložen 25. Sij. 2011. u 07:08 sati)
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Google Scholar: The contents of carcinogenic PAHs on corn seeds and the energy efficiency of drying by different energy sources
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