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Bibliographic record number: 501844


Authors: Ščetar, Mario; Kurek, Mia; Galić, Kata
Title: Trends in fruit and vegetable packaging – a review
( Trends in fruit and vegetable packaging – a review )
Source: Hrvatski časopis za prehrambenu tehnologiju, biotehnologiju i nutricionizam (1847-3423) 5 (2010), 3-4; 69-86
Paper type: pregledni rad
Keywords: fruit; vegetable; packaging; shelf-life
( fruit; vegetable; packaging; shelf-life )
Processing and packaging are the two important phases of operations in the food industry. The final phase is the packaging stage. A great deal of automation strategies are constantly being utilized in every phase of processing and packaging. The correct packaging enables processors to pack fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables and extend their shelf life. The important parameters for this shelf life extension are temperature, moisture and a modified atmosphere (oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene). If both temperature and packaging are optimal, ageing of fruit and vegetables can be slowed down significantly.
Project / theme: 058-1252971-2805
Original language: eng
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Food processing technology
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Google Scholar: Trends in fruit and vegetable packaging – a review
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