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Bibliographic record number: 513417


Authors: Ilir, Bicja; Maljević, Almir; Getoš, Anna-Maria; Fushtica, Lulzim; Komar, Olivera; Matic, Marina; Netkova, Bistra; Aromaa, Kauko; Jokinen, Anniina; Ollus, Natalia; Ruuskanen, Elina; Pääkkönen, Aili; Benford, Sari; Bernecker, Arabelle; Bacher, Susanna; Grupkovic, Brankica; Huss, Daria; Swierczek, Alicja; Jandl, Michael; Malby, Steven; Alvazzi del Frate, Anna; Prljevic, Miroslav; Ciavarella, Carla; Me, Angela
Title: Development of Monitoring Instruments for Judicial and Law Enforcement Institutions in the Western Balkans 2009-2011. Background Research on Systems and Context - Justice and Home Affairs Statistics in the Western Balkans
Type: Izvješće
Year: 2010
Keywords: crime statistics
The report, which consists of a background research profile for each of the project countries or territories presented in alphabetical order, represents a starting point for further research. The profiles present what is known and what has been achieved to date, offering a starting point for debate and engagement with the project countries and territories. The background reports aim to develop a broad outline of existing crime and criminal justice data collection systems and capacity within the context of the structure of the justice and home affairs institutions in each of the participating countries or territories. In addition to desk-based research conducted by the project partners, the background reports have benefited from the input of a local focal point appointed in each of the project countries or territories. The aim of EU integration and eventual membership has been a powerful factor in shaping and driving reform processes. Within the EU Stabilisation and Association Process, the EU has signed individual European Partnership agreements with the Western Balkan states that lay out priority actions for closer EU integration. These have been instrumental in structuring and advancing reform processes. For most countries and territories of the region this also applies to their criminal justice systems, where reform has manifested itself through the adoption of a series of new criminal laws, criminal procedure codes and institutional reorganization. New laws against organized crime, corruption, drug trafficking, money laundering, trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling have also been adopted in most countries and territories of the region. International cooperation in criminal matters has been strengthened, border controls and the management of migration have improved and continued efforts are under way to reinforce the independence of the prosecution and court system. While the overall goal of justice system reform is to make justice and home affairs institutions more efficient, fair, transparent and accountable, current reform efforts equally play an important role in bringing norms and practices for the police, prosecution and courts closer to European standards.
Project / theme: 066-0662530-2517
Original language: ENG
Research fields:
Full paper text: 513417.CARDS_Background_Study_final.pdf (tekst priložen 17. Svi. 2011. u 11:16 sati)
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