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Bibliographic record number: 524599


Authors: Šolić, Krešimir; Grgić, Krešimir; Ilakovac, Vesna; Žagar, Drago
Title: Usage of insecure E-mail services among researchers with different scientific background
( Usage of insecure E-mail services among researchers with different scientific background )
Source: Medicinski glasnik Ljekarske komore Zeničko-dobojskog kantona (1840-0132) 8 (2011), 2; 273-276
Paper type: article
Keywords: e-mail; security; free e-mail; web‑based e-mail
( e-mail; security; free e-mail; web‑based e-mail )
Aim Free web‑based e-mail services are considered to have more security flaws than institutional ones, but they are frequently used among scientific researchers for professional communication. The aim of this study was to analyze frequency of usage of the insecure free e-mail services for professional communication among biomedical, economical and technical researchers, who published papers in one of three different journals: Croatian Medical Journal, Automatika and Economic Research. Methods Contact details of the authors who provided their e‑mail address from the papers published in those three journals during one year period were collected. These e‑mail addresses were collected from the electronic archive of the journals in question. The domains of all e‑mail addresses were assessed and contacts were categorized into three groups according to the following types: world-wide known free web‑based e‑mail services, national Internet Service Provider (ISP) e-mail services, and institutional or corporate e-mail addresses. Results The proportion of authors using free web-based e-mail services, the least secure group type, was highest among biomedical researchers (17.8%) while every e‑mail address collected from the technical journal belonged to the secured institutional e‑mail group type. Conclusion It seems that all researchers from the technical scientific field and most of the researchers from the economical field value good security practice and use more secure systems for professional communication. High percentage of the biomedical researchers who use insecure e‑mail services may mean that they need to be warned of the possible security disadvantages of those kinds of e‑mail addresses.
Project / theme: 165-0361630-1636, 165-0362027-1479, 219-1080314-2036, 165-0362980-2002
Original language: eng
Citation databases: MEDLINE
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Information and communication sciences
Full paper text: 524599.MGvol82.2011_17.pdf (tekst priložen 8. Ruj. 2011. u 13:43 sati)
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Google Scholar: Usage of insecure E-mail services among researchers with different scientific background
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