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Authors: Getoš, Anna-Maria; Giebel, Stefan
Title: Perceptions of fear of crime and punitivity among university students in Croatia
( Perceptions of fear of crime and punitivity among university students in Croatia )
Book: Fear of crime and punitiveness : results from international student surveys
Editor/s: Kury, Helmut ; Winterdyk, John
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Brockmeyer
City: Bochum
Year: 2013
Serie: Crime and crime policy ; vol. 9
Page range:: 105-138
Total pages in the book:: 216
ISBN: 978-3-8196-0910-7
Keywords: fear of crime, punitivity
( fear of crime, punitivity )
The Croatian survey on perceptions of fear of crime and punitivity was conducted by Anna-Maria Getoš at the University of Zagreb during January and February 2010. The original English survey questionnaire, including its introductory part adjusted to the Croatian survey component, was first translated into Croatian, and then distributed amongst fourth year students at the Study Centre for Social Work, in order to test its applicability in a sort of small pilot study. The questionnaire was then slightly improved where necessary, and the students involved in conducting the survey were coached on how to introduce the survey, explain its voluntary and anonymous nature, and how to handle participants’ questions. After this “testing and coaching phase” the questionnaire was distributed during regular lectures to students enrolled at six different faculties and in all years of study. The survey managed to cover most of the enrolled students of the Study Centre for Social Work, the Law Faculty, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the Faculty of Geology, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and the Catholic Faculty. The different faculties where the survey was conducted were selected on the basis of two main criteria, whereby access to and faculty management permissions played a major role. One criterion was the wish to cover different areas of study – humanities, social sciences, engineering/technical sciences, natural sciences, biomedical sciences, and arts. Only the last two study areas could not be covered. The second criterion has to do with the uneven gender distribution at the different faculties and the wish to achieve an even distribution between male and female participants, at least at the level of the survey sample. In total 1, 230 questionnaires were collected, and all of them were valid. The data was fed into a SPSS database, checked, and cleaned. The data analysis was conducted by Stefan Giebel, whereas the final interpretation of findings is the result of the author’s ‘joint venture’.
Original language: eng
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Anna Maria Getoš (, 11. Ožu. 2013. u 15:11 sati

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