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Bibliographic record number: 677788


Authors: Križanović, Stela; Mrvčić, Jasna; Stanić, Marina; Cepanec, Maja; Stanzer, Damir
Title: S-adenosyl-L-methionine production by an ergosterol-deficient mutant of Scheffersomyces stipitis
Source: Croatian Journal of Food Technology, Biotechnology and Nutrition (1847-3423) 8 (2013), 1-2; 21-28
Paper type: article
Keywords: S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM; SAMe; AdoMet); Scheffersomyces stipitis (former Pichia stipitis); nystatin
S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM, SAMe ; AdoMet) is an important methyl donor in many reactions, and recently has attracted much attention due to its expanding application in pharmacy. Efficient ways of its production have been widely researched. In this study it was demonstrated that erg6 mutant of yeast Scheffersomyces stipitis (former Pichia stipitis), obtained by UV mutagenesis and selected by resistance to nystatin, could be used for production of SAM. The mutant strain showed higher ability to accumulate SAM than its parental strain. The experiments demonstrated different dependence of erg6 mutant strain on several cultivation conditions in comparison to parental strain, its higher sensibility to oxidative stress, as well as strong dependence of SAM accumulation on the cell growth phase and supplementation of growth media with methionine..
Project / theme: 058-0580477-0374, 058-0583444-3483
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Biotechnology,Food processing technology
URL cjelovitog rada:
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Google Scholar: S-adenosyl-L-methionine production by an ergosterol-deficient mutant of Scheffersomyces stipitis
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Jasna Mrvčić (, 9. Sij. 2014. u 20:00 sati

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