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Bibliographic record number: 710402

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Authors: Getoš Kalac, Anna-Maria
Title: Mapping the Criminological Landscape of the Balkans
Book: Mapping the Criminological Landscape of the Balkans. A Survey on Criminology and Crime with an Expedition into the Criminal Landscape of the Balkans
Editor/s: Getoš Kalac, Anna-Maria ; Albrecht, Hans-Jörg ; Kilchling, Michael
Publisher: Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law
City: Berlin
Year: 2014
Serie: Balkan Criminology
Page range:: 23-55
Total pages in the book:: 552
ISBN: 978-3-86113-248-6
Keywords: criminology, crime, criminal justice, Balkans, Southeastern Europe
The aim of the contribution is to provide for a general introduction into the whole volume by discussing its background, evolution, structure, basic concepts and methodological approach. Thus, key findings of the volume’s single contributions’ in depth analysis will be presented and discussed in their overall Balkan-relevant context. This should set the stage for properly handling the more detailed descriptions and analyses throughout the volume’s contributions, which each in their own way vividly present the Balkans’ criminological landscape.
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Anna Maria Getoš (, 16. Kol. 2014. u 20:53 sati

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