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Bibliographic record number: 752229


Authors: Domines Veliki, Martina
Title: Spatial Memory as Place in Wordsworth's The Excursion and Rousseau's Reveries of a Solitary Walker
Source: Romantik: journal for the study of romanticisms (2245-599x) 4 (2015); 95-113
Paper type: article
Keywords: body memory; localization of memory; intersubjective memory; Rousseau; Wordsworth
In the proposed paper we will depart from the idea that we usually experience ourselves in relation to place. The notion of human identity as being bound up to the notion of place is not a specifically Romantic phenomenon. However, in Romanticism the place acquires a new role to play: it joins the events experienced with the self by means of memory. Thus the Romantic self is constituted not only through memory as a temporal category but also a spatial one. Such reading of the chosen Romantic texts is contrary to the well-established readings which prioritize the mind of the writer over the material world. However paradoxical it may seem to regard Rousseau and Wordsworth as 'bodily writers', acutely aware of the significance of place, Reveries of a Solitary Walker and The Excursion reveal writers aware of the man as a physical being and his capacity to remember through the body. Therefore, in the phenomenological readings of the afore- mentioned texts (Bachelard, Casey, Malpas) we will explore the relationship between the mind and the place through such concepts as ‘body memory’, localization of memory and intersubjective memory.
Project / theme: 1543
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
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Google Scholar: Spatial Memory as Place in Wordsworth's The Excursion and Rousseau's Reveries of a Solitary Walker
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Martina Domines Veliki (, 18. Vel. 2015. u 22:26 sati

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