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Bibliographic record number: 875896


Authors: Vdovjak, Krešimir; Galić, Irena
Title: 3D Model Reconstruction Using Multiple Images
( 3D Model Reconstruction Using Multiple Images )
Source: SoftCOM 2016 PhD Forum - Book of Abstracts / Maja Matijašević, Dinko Begušić, Ognjen Dobrijević, Petar Šolić (ed). - Split : SoftCOM library , 2016. 14-15 (ISBN: 978-953-290-067-5).
Meeting: 24th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks
Location and date: Osijek, Hrvatska, 22-24.10.2017.
Keywords: 3D model ; reconstruction ; Multi-View Stereo
( 3D model ; reconstruction ; Multi-View Stereo )
In computer vision, 3D model of an object can be defined as “digital copy” of a real object. It has many applications in movie industry, game development, virtual reality, medicine and many others. Although, there are many existing solutions for generating geometric 3D model, most of them have flaws and are not fully satisfying. In our research, we are trying to improve existing method for generating accurate 3D model of an object, based on Multi-View Stereo algorithm.
Type of meeting: Poster
Type of presentation in a journal: Abstract
Type of peer-review: Domestic peer-review
Original language: eng
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Computer science
URL: of abstracts_phd forum_2016.pdf
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Krešimir Vdovjak (, 19. Svi. 2017. u 10:53 sati

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