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Bibliographic record number: 913751


Authors: Marić Pfannkuchen, Daniela; Kužat, Nataša; Godrijan, Jelena; Smodlaka Tanković, Mirta; Baričević, Ana; Pustijanac, Emina; Jahn, Regine; Ivančić, Ingrid; Pfannkuchen, Martin
Title: The ecology of the genus Leptocylindrus in a highly structured ecosystem, the northern Adriatic
Source: Società Botanica Italiana, Gruppo di Algologia, Riunione Scientifica Annuale, Book of abstracts / Cabrini, Marina ; Cataletto, Bruno ; Falace, Annalisa ; Honsell, Giorgio ; Petrera, Francesca ; Spoto, Maurizio (ed). - Trst : Università degli Studi di Trieste , 2017. 38-38.
Meeting: Gruppo di Algologia, Riunione Scientifica Annuale
Location and date: Trst, Italija, 10-11.11.2017
Keywords: fitoplankton, Jadransko more, dijatomeje, Leptocylindrus
The marine diatom genusLeptocylindrusis a major component of phytoplankton blooms in coastal ecosystems worldwide, however, little is known about the ecology and meticulous species composition of this genus in the Adriatic Sea. Although Leptocylindrus danicus andL. minimus have been reported from numerous studies conducted in Adriatic, there has been neither unequivocal species identification nor focused examination of the temporal abundance of Leptocylindrus in this region. In a recent reappraisal of Leptocylindrus by Nanjappa et al. (2013) five species and one new genus were identified using both morphological and molecular markers. We here describe the temporal distribution of the genus Leptocylindrus based on 45 years of records, revealing that this diatom is a key component of the seasonal phytoplankton cycle, with greatest abundance in the spring and autumn. Using light and scanning electron microscopy as well as genetic analysis based on the nuclear- encoded rDNA regions, our study unambiguously revealed three species new for the Adriatic Sea, Leptocylindrus hargravesii, Leptocylindrus convexus and Leptocylindrus aporus. Furthermore, we investigated the growth, auxospore and resting spore formation of one of the Leptocylindrus species under different nutrient regimes. The ecology, physiology and evolution of this significant diatom genus should be further investigated.
Type of meeting: Predavanje
Type of presentation in a journal: Abstract
Type of peer-review: International peer-review
Project / theme: HRZZ-UIP-2014-09-6563
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Interdisciplinary natural sciences
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Nataša Kužat (, 19. Pro. 2017. u 13:07 sati

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