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Bibliographic record number: 91653

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Authors: Žagar, Drago; Rimac-Drlje, Snježana
Title: Active Adaptation in QoS Architecture Model
( Active Adaptation in QoS Architecture Model )
Book: Communication World
Editor/s: N. Mastorakis
Publisher: WSES Press
City: Rethymond, Grčka
Year: 2001
Page range:: 209-213
ISBN: 960-8052-38-6
Keywords: QoS, application, architecture, adaptation, variation, service, resources, network
( QoS, application, architecture, adaptation, variation, service, resources, network )
A new complex applications and services, especially distributed multimedia and interactive applications, could during the communication demand different level of QoS. The network, also, could change its preferences that result in QoS variation, and also QoS degradation. Overall variations are not necessarily a result of the traffic load, but could also be the result of using different possibilities on user devices, on different networks, or on mobile. All QoS changes could be caused by user or by network. Therefore, the QoS architecture has to continuously supervise the actual quality of service and build in the correction mechanisms. The network QoS mechanisms can improve network ability to offer high quality of service while efficiently uses network resources. The end system has to compensate the QoS variations and insure acceptable quality of service. One of the important components that can improve quality of service is the application itself. In this paper we propose the architecture that performs active adaptation of local resources, and supports the user with the best possible service, while the network gives the certain level of QoS.
Project / theme: 165013
Original language: eng
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Electrical engineering

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