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Bibliographic record number: 91660


Authors: Žagar, Drago; Rimac - Drlje, Snježana
Title: A QoS Architecture Model for Variable Services Demands
( A QoS Architecture Model for Variable Services Demands )
Source: Proceedings of the XXIV International Conference MIPRO 2001., Computers in CommunicationsOpatija :
Meeting: MIPRO 2001.
Location and date: Opatija, Hrvatska, V. 2001.
Keywords: QoS; QoS degradations; network; architecture
( QoS; QoS degradations; network; architecture )
The complex applications and services, for example applications with multimedia content, could during the communication demand different level of QoS. The variations of QoS, and QoS degradations, are not necessarily the result of the overall traffic in the network, but they can also be a consequence of using the devices with different possibilities, different networks, or mobile devices. The QoS architectures and their control systems offer a possibility to serve the user with guarantied service end-to-end. They usually offer a number of control functions for different situations that can happen. By adopting highly sophisticated QoS mechanisms, we can improve a network ability to offer the high quality of service while efficiently uses raw network resources.
Type of meeting: Predavanje
Type of presentation in a journal: Full-text (1500 words and more)
Type of peer-review: International peer-review
Project / theme: 165013
Original language: eng
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Electrical engineering

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