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Bibliographic record number: 947103


Authors: Domines Veliki, Martina
Title: Romantic Cultures of Infancy: Wordsworth and De Quincey
Meeting: Erasmus Mobility
Location and date: University of Malta, Malta, 6.-8.4.2018.
Keywords: Romanticism, infancy, subjectivity, Wordsworth, De Quincey
The lecture focused on the idea of infancy in the Romantic age by tracing its historical development and the shifting paradigm of subjectivity. It focused on the case studies of Wordsworth and De Quincey as Romantic writers who were most interested in their childhood years which they find vital for building up their adult selves. Wordsworth would approach the idea of childhood by turning to a past self and believing that childhood is ‘the time of sensory indulgence’ which has to be revisited in order for the grown-up man to find strength in what remains behind. For De Quincey, on the other hand, the past time is never utterly past as childhood moments keep resurging in the present and they are capable of forming a rift in an adult person. Therefore, through his relationship with the past, De Quincey articulates an alternative Romantic selfhood, not a Wordsworthian stable, self-asserted, unified individual but an insecure, complex adult being.
Type of meeting: Pozvano
Type of presentation in a journal: Not published
Type of peer-review: Domestic peer-review
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Martina Domines Veliki (, 9. Srp. 2018. u 14:27 sati

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