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Bibliographic record number: 425654


Authors: Kolonić, Fetah; Poljugan, Alen; Slutej, Alojz
Title: Advanced Industrial Crane Controller Based on AC Wound Motor
Source: International Review of Electrical Engineering (IREE) (1827-6660) 4 (2009), 3; 447-460
Paper type: article
Keywords: crane control; revitalization; rotor frequency measurement; speed estimation; torque estimation; wound AC motor
Developed speed crane control system based on wound AC motor is advanced system for heavy duty tasks especially in the field of industrial cranes and another heavy duty material handling systems. In order to avoid problems with mechanical feedback device (coupling, vibration, no space for build in, etc.), actual speed information is calculated from rotor voltage frequency estimation unit. The controller is developed as a modular system capable to deal with control, communication, protection and other specific industrial demands. It is multiprocessor system in stand-alone version realized with microcontroller MC68332 (application program running), two SAB 82532 microcontrollers (distributing control system), two MC68302 (process I/O communication) and two DSP ADMC300 (speed and electromagnetic torque estimation). Speed and torque estimation algorithms are realized on the separate hardware modules and integrated with other components in the control system via fast communication link. Investigation of sensorless speed and torque control as well as fully automatic control of the rotor resistor switching, was the crucial point in the design process of a new industrial drive controller aimed mostly for revitalization of industrial cranes. Performance of the speed and torque sensorless crane controller is evaluated on the laboratory testbed and in different real industrial environment.
Project / theme: 036-0363078-1629
Original language: ENG
Citation databases: Scopus
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Electrical engineering
Full paper text: 425654.Clanak_ID_1666_IREE_final_reading_corrrections.doc (tekst priložen 1. Ruj. 2009. u 16:21 sati)
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Google Scholar: Advanced Industrial Crane Controller Based on AC Wound Motor
Contrib. to CROSBI by: (, 1. Ruj. 2009. u 16:21 sati

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