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Bibliographic record number: 226657


Authors: Gajdoš Kljusurić, Jasenka; Djaković, Senka; Kruhak, Ivan; Kovačević Ganić, Karin; Komes, Draženka; Kurtanjek, Želimir
Title: Application of Briggs-Rauscher Reaction For Measurement of Antioxidant Capacity of Croatian Wines
Source: Acta Alimentaria (0139-3006) 34 (2005), 4; 483-492
Paper type: article
Keywords: Briggs-Rauscher reaction; white and red wines; antioxidant capacity; prediction of total phenols in wine
Briggs-Rauscher (BR) reaction is one of the most commonly studied oscillation reactions that has been applied for measurement of antioxidant activity of water-soluble substances. There is an immediate quenching of oscillations when free radicals are added from fruits or vegetables. The reaction is monitored potentiometrically and the inhibition time (IT), or time of no oscillations, is proportional to the concentration of antioxidants. pH of the BR reaction is about 2, which is similar to that of the fluids of the main digestive process (human stomach), giving in vitro information on antioxidant activity under “ real digestion conditions” and can help in assessment of nutrition for the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases. Antioxidant activities of different concentrations of native Croatian red and white wines are analysed by the inhibition of BR reaction and determination of total phenols using gallic acid as the calibration standard is also carried out. Using mathematical models, relative antioxidant activities of antioxidants and amounts of total phenols are estimated. Second order polynomial calibration curve is estimated in the range of 150 -2500 gallic acid equivalent (GAE mg l– 1), with standard error of 84 GAE mg l– 1.
Project / theme: 0058016, 0058012
Original language: ENG
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Food processing technology
Full paper text: 226657.Gajdos_Acta.pdf
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Google Scholar: Application of Briggs-Rauscher Reaction For Measurement of Antioxidant Capacity of Croatian Wines

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