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Bibliographic record number: 288180

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Authors: Jakobović, Domagoj; Budin, Leo
Title: Forward Kinematics of a Stewart Parallel Mechanism
( Forward Kinematics of a Stewart Parallel Mechanism )
Book: Intelligent Systems at the Service of Mankind
Editor/s: Elmenreich, W. ; Machado, J.T. ; Rudas, I.J.
Publisher: Ubooks
City: Germany
Year: 2004
Page range:: 121-132
ISBN: 3-935798-25-3
Keywords: forward kinematics, Stweart platform, real-time environment
( forward kinematics, Stweart platform, real-time environment )
Parallel kinematic manipulators posses some inherent advantages over their serial counterparts, such as rigidity, precision and higher workload. However, their movement control is restricted to inverse kinematics only, because of the complexity of the forward kinematics relations. The aim of this work is to combine different mathematical representations of the forward kinematics problem with various optimization algorithms and find a suitable combination that may be utilized in real-time environment. Additionally, we note the existence of equivalent trajectories of the mobile platform and suggest an adaptation to the solving method that, having satisfied certain assumptions, is able to successfully solve the forward kinematics problem in real-time conditions with very high precision.
Project / theme: 0036051
Original language: eng
Category: Ostalo
Research fields:
Computer science
Full paper text: 288180.29_in02_final.pdf

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