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Bibliographic record number: 47358


Authors: Golub, Marin; Jakobović, Domagoj
Title: A New Model of Global Parallel Genetic Algorithm
( A New Model of Global Parallel Genetic Algorithm )
Source: Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference ITI2000 / Kalpić, Damir ; Hljuz Dobrić, Vesna (ed). - Pula : SRCE, University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb , 2000. 363-368.
Meeting: 22nd International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces, ITI2000
Location and date: Pula, Hrvatska, 13-16.06.2000.
Keywords: parallel genetic algorithm; multithreading; tournament selection
( parallel genetic algorithm; multithreading; tournament selection )
In this paper we describe a multithreaded parallel genetic algorithm (PGA) implementation. Considering the basic models of parallel genetic algorithms, we identify a variant of global PGA (GPGA) as the most appropriate one for use on a multiprocessor system with few processors. The difference between the synchronous and asynchronous model is analized and their characteristics are evaluated. Unlike some authors, we choose not to allow a single individual to be engaged in a tournament competition in more than one instance (no duplicates). The probability of selection for elimination of an individual is than determined based on the fitness of the chromosome and compared with the same probability of the duplicate-allowing algorithm. Finally, main advantages and disadvantages of our GPGA as well as performance comparison with sequential GA are stated.
Type of meeting: Predavanje
Type of presentation in a journal: Full-text (1500 words and more)
Type of peer-review: International peer-review
Project / theme: 036014
Original language: eng
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Computer science
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