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Bibliographic record number: 511284


Authors: Benković, Maja; Belščak-Cvitanović, Ana; Bauman, Ingrid; Komes, Draženka
Title: Physical properties of non-agglomerated cocoa drink powder mixtures containing various types of sugars and sweeteners
Source: Food and Bioprocess Technology (1935-5130) 6 (2013), 4; 1044-1058
Paper type: article
Keywords: cocoa; flow properties; mixture; sweetener
Characterization of flow properties represents a crucial step in production of powdered composite mixtures. Mixing of cocoa powders with different sugars is a first step in production of this type of beverages, which leads to a change in the mixtures' flow properties. The objective of this work was firstly to determine physical properties of non – agglomerated powdered cocoa and sugar mixtures, and after that to determine which physical properties of cocoa powders with two different fat contents are influenced by sugar addition and in what way they are influenced by sugars. Mixtures were formulated with two cocoa powders containing different amount of fat and 11 different kinds of sugars or sweeteners. A significant change was found in the median diameter, poured bulk density, compression and decompression force of the mixtures compared to the sole components' physical properties. All the mixtures display a decreasing compaction coefficient with the increase of flow speed, which indicates this powder mixtures flow more free at higher transport speeds. An increase of the cake height ratio of all the mixtures was detected, indicating that all the mixtures are susceptible to caking and that they form a strong cake. Insolubility of the mixtures was significantly influenced by the median diameter of the sugar particles added to the mixture. Addition of sugars and sweeteners to cocoa powder reduces the red and yellow colour components, but the type of sugar or sweetener does not produce considerable difference in colour of the cocoa drink mixtures.
Project / theme: 058-0000000-3470, 058-0581846-2810
Original language: ENG
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Food processing technology
Broj citata:
DOI: 10.1007/s11947-011-0742-0
URL cjelovitog rada:
Google Scholar: Physical properties of non-agglomerated cocoa drink powder mixtures containing various types of sugars and sweeteners
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