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Bibliographic record number: 535364


Authors: Durgo, Ksenija; Kostić, Sandra; Gradiški, Katarina; Komes, Draženka; Osmak, Maja; Franekić, Jasna
Title: Genotoxic effects of green tea extract on human laryngeal carcinoma cells in vitro
Source: Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju (0004-1254) 62 (2011), 2; 139-146
Paper type: article
Keywords: cell line; cytotoxicity; DNA damage; epicatechin gallate; epigallocatechin gallate; green tea; glutathione; lipid peroxidation
Green tea (Camellia sinensis) contains several bioactive compounds which protect the cell and prevent tumour development. Phytochemicals in green tea extract (mostly flavonoids) scavenge free radicals, but also induce pro-oxidative reactions in the cell. In this study, we evaluated the potential cytotoxic and pro-oxidative effects of green tea extract and its two main flavonoid constituents epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and epicatechin gallate (ECG) on human laryngeal carcinoma cell line (HEp2) and its cross-resistant cell line CK2. The aim was to see if the extract and its two flavonoids could increase the sensitivity of the cisplatin-resistant cell line CK2 in comparison to the parental cell line. The results show that EGCG and green tea extract increased the DNA damage in the CK2 cell line during short exposure. The cytotoxicity of EGCG and ECG increased with the time of incubation. Green tea extract induced lipid peroxidation in the CK2 cell line. The pro-oxidant effect of green tea was determined at concentrations higher than those found in traditionally prepared green tea infusions.
Project / theme: 058-0582261-2246, 058-0000000-3470
Original language: ENG
Citation databases: MEDLINE
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Biotechnology,Food processing technology
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Google Scholar: Genotoxic effects of green tea extract on human laryngeal carcinoma cells in vitro
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