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Bibliographic record number: 639928


Authors: Bušić, Arijana; Komes, Draženka; Vojvodić, Aleksandra; Belščak-Cvitanović, Ana; Škrabal, Svjetlana
Title: Changes in the bioactive potential of chocolate liqueurs during 6 months of storage
Source: Book of abstracts: The 20th Young Investigators' Seminar on Analytical Chemistry / Brodnjak Vončina, Darinka ; Kolar, Mitja (ed). - Maribor : University of Maribor , 2013. 38-39 (ISBN: 978-961-248-397-5).
Meeting: 20th Young Investigators' Seminar on Analytical Chemistry
Location and date: Maribor, Slovenija, 26-29.06.2013.
Keywords: antioxidant capacity ; bioactive compounds ; chocolate liqueur ; cocoa ; storage
Consumption of various alcoholic beverages in form of plain and aromatized spirits and liqueurs is an important part of local and traditional gastronomy throughout the world. Although in the Southeast European and Mediterranean regions, herbal spirits and liqueurs are most commonly consumed, various cocoa-based and chocolate liqueurs can beside providing attractive taste and aroma, contribute to intake of a significant amount of cocoa-derived phytochemicals, especially polyphenols and methylxanthines which exhibit high antioxidant potential. Since the scientific information about the bioactive potential and the content of beneficial antioxidants which can be consumed by intake of cocoa-based alcoholic beverages are limited, chocolate liqueurs containing 20% of ethanol (alcohol content) and four types of chocolates differing in their cocoa parts (30%, 32%, 50% and 72%) were evaluated in this study. As stability of bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity can be affected during processing and storage, which can influence the consumer`s requirements for high quality of final product, the stability of bioactive potential of chocolate liqueurs during 6 months of storage was examined. In order to compare the composition of polyphenols and methylxanthines of different chocolate liqueurs, UV/VIS spectrophotometric (total polyphenols and flavonoids, flavan-3-ols and proanthocyanidins) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC-PDA) methods were applied. Antioxidant capacity was evaluated using DPPH (2, 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) and ABTS (2, 2-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulphonic acid) assays. The content of bioactive compounds and antioxidant potential of chocolate liqueurs were significantly affected by the length of storage, exhibiting a decreasing tendency by prolongation of storage period. Chocolate liqueur consisting of dark chocolate with 72% of cocoa content exhibited the highest bioactive potential, in terms of phytochemical content and antioxidant capacity, confirming that the content of polyphenols and methylxanthines, as well as the antioxidant capacity of cocoa products depend on the cocoa content. Theobromine was the most abundant bioactive compound in chocolate liqueurs displayed by HPLC analysis, followed by (-) – epicatechin as the representative polyphenolic compound, which were determined in markedly higher contents in liqueur made of dark chocolate (72% cocoa parts). The obtained results might serve as a good starting point for production of a novel functional beverage, but with need for further investigations.
Type of meeting: Predavanje
Type of presentation in a journal: Abstract
Type of peer-review: International peer-review
Project / theme: 058-0000000-3470
Original language: ENG
Category: Ostalo
Research fields:
Food processing technology
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Aleksandra Vojvodić (, 28. Kol. 2013. u 09:47 sati

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