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Bibliographic record number: 700281

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Authors: Komes, Draženka; Vojvodić Aleksandra
Title: Effects of Varieties and Growing Conditions on Antioxidant Capacity of Coffee
Book: Processing and Impact on Antioxidants in Beverages
Editor/s: Preedy, Victor R.
Publisher: Academic Press, Elsevier
City: Oxford
Year: 2014
Page range:: 77-85
Total pages in the book:: 319
ISBN: 978-0-12-404738-9
Keywords: Antioxidants, Chlorogenic acids, Cultivars, Environment, Green coffee, Primary processing, Species, Storage, Variety
Chemical composition of green coffee beans principally determines the quality and preference of Arabica (Coffea arabica species) over Robusta (Coffea canephora species) coffees. In the present paper a summarized insight on the influence of different factors on the contents of several compounds in green coffee, often used as species and cultivar discriminators and known as powerful antioxidants, is given. The genotype was found to be the most influencing factor, promoting Robusta green coffees as more abundant in chlorogenic acids (the most studied green coffee antioxidants) and caffeine. However, when assessing and comparing the antioxidant quality of green coffees, besides genetics, a defined set of environmental descriptors is needed. Geographical origin, with all environmental attributes of the growing area, together with growing practice, correlate both, positively and negatively with the changes in antioxidants composition. Additionally, the impact of primary processing and storage cannot be excluded.
Original language: ENG
Category: Pregledni
Research fields:
Food processing technology
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Arijana Bušić (, 5. Lip. 2014. u 15:39 sati

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