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Bibliographic record number: 879927

Chapter/Paper in a book

Authors: Belščak-Cvitanović, Ana; Komes Draženka
Title: Extraction and formulation of bioactive compounds
Book: Handbook of Coffee Processing By-Products: Sustainable Applications
Editor/s: Galanakis, Charis Michel
Publisher: Academic Press
City: Cambridge
Year: 2017
Page range:: 93-140
Total pages in the book:: 426
ISBN: 0128112913
Keywords: Antioxidants ; Bioactive compounds ; Coffee by-products ; Encapsulation ; Extraction
The chapter presents state-of-the-art in the recovery of bioactive compounds from coffee processing by-products using conventional extraction techniques and approaches. Comprehensive literature overviews of the employed lab- or pilot-scale recovery procedures and yields of the most potent bioactive compounds (polyphenols, chlorogenic acids, caffeine, anthocyanins, lipids, diterpens, sterols) from coffee-processing by-products are provided. Commonly used extraction procedures, in particular solid-liquid solvent extraction, Soxhlet extraction, supercritical fluid extraction and microwave assisted extraction are reviewed, and the advantages and limitations of each technique, as well as the optimal recovery parameters (pre-treatments, extraction solvent, temperature, pressure, duration) for each group of bioactives are emphasized. The approaches used for the formulation of recovered bioactives are summarized, focusing on encapsulation as a mean of delivery of those bioactive compounds to food, thus ensuring complex properties (such as delayed release, stability, thermal protection, suitable sensorial profile etc.) to the final application. Encapsulation techniques including microgel formation by ionic gelation of biopolymers, spray drying, coacervation, yeast encapsulation or micro-emulsion nano-encapsulation used for delivery of coffee processing by-products bioactives are addressed. An overview of patented solutions for the recovery and potential applications resulting from the use of the recovered bioactives and their commercial potential is also provided.
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Biotechnology,Food processing technology
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Ana Belščak (, 8. Lip. 2017. u 10:28 sati

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