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Bibliographic record number: 966742


Author: Hokman, Petar
Title: Interkulturna osjetljivost studenata pedagogije i anglistike Filozofskog fakulteta u Zagrebu: komparativno istraživanje
( Intercultural Sensitivity of Students of Pedagogy and Students of English at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb: A Comparative Study )
Type: graduate thesis
Faculty: Filozofski fakultet
University: Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Location: Zagreb
Date: 28.05.
Year: 2018
Page: 111
Mentor: Geld, Renata ; Širanović, Ana
Keywords: interkulturno obrazovanje, interkulturna kompetencija, interkulturna osjetljivost, jezik, nastavnik, učenik
( intercultural education, intercultural competence, intercultural sensitivity, language, teacher, student )
In a contemporary society, in which intercultural interactions take place on a daily basis and permeate all spheres of society, intercultural competence is one of the most important competences of an individual. Education, among other factors, greatly contributes to the development of one’s intercultural competence. Implementation of intercultural education in the true sense of the word and development of students’ intercultural competence is impossible without interculturally competent teachers. Intercultural sensitivity represents the affective domain of intercultural competence and is one of the most crucial aspects of intercultural competence. Starting from the assumption that intercultural sensitivity is a prerequisite and an important factor of teachers’ intercultural competence, this graduation thesis has, using Intercultural sensitivity scale (Chen & Starosta, 2000), explored intercultural sensitivity of students of pedagogy and students of English at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. The results of frequency analyses, t-tests and analyses of variance have shown that there are no statistically significant differences in students’ intercultural sensitivity considering their field of study, knowledge of foreign languages and frequency of intercultural interaction. The thesis has also pinpointed the necessity of a unique conceptualization of intercultural education, its school-wide implementation, as well as the need for further, more detailed and broader conceptualization and research on both intercultural sensitivity and intercultural competence.
Original language: eng
Research fields:
Pedagogy,Interdisciplinary humanistic studies,Educational sciences (child and educational psychology, sociology of education, political science of education, economics of education, anthropology of education, neurosciences and early learning, educational disciplines)
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Petar Hokman (, 9. Stu. 2018. u 19:55 sati

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