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Bibliographic record number: 638014


Authors: Špelić, Aldo; Košeto Martina
Title: Preparation of an Aurtistic Child for School
Source: Metodički obzori (1846-1484) 7 (2012), 2; 157-172
Paper type: article
Keywords: autizam; mala škola; rani djetetov razvoj
The aim of this paper is to present new opportunities of the individualized kindergarten teachers’ approach in the preparation of an autistic child for school. The paper presents a case of an autistic child who, in addition to receiving individual psychotherapy treatment, was worked with individually by two kindergarten teachers to realise school preparation program. Through the implementation of the program, which was primarily based on the development of affective communication in a dyadic relationship with the autistic child, there were positive results in the child's affective attachment to the kindergarten teachers. These changes helped the child to adopt basic graphical motor skills, naming and social speech, and enabled him to attend regular elementary school. This article can be a stimulus to many other such approaches in the preparation of autistic children for their regular elementary education.
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Clinical medicine sciences,Psychology,Pedagogy
URL cjelovitog rada:
Google Scholar: Preparation of an Aurtistic Child for School
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Aldo Špelić (, 19. Srp. 2013. u 19:39 sati

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