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Bibliographic record number: 261351


Authors: Babić, Darko
Title: Identify the Lighthouse - Jadrija Lighthouse
Source: World Lighthouse Society Newsletter ; Vol. 4 (2)
Type: Popularan rad
Year: 2006
Keywords: maritime heritage; Adriatic Sea; lighthouse; national identity
Jadrija (coming from St. Andrea) is actually the name of the small island at the entrance of the St. Ante channel, natural built seaway which leads to town of Sibenik (established in 1066). The lighthouse has been built in 1871 under the actions of "enlightening of east Adriatic coast" by Austrian-Hungarian Empire, started in 1816 with aim to establish more safe sea trade routes important to the Empire. The main curiosity of the lighthouse is its east wall where original portraits-sculptures of medieval Sibenik aristocrats could be found. Namely, after the restoration of famous Sibenik's St. Jakov Cathedral (dated in 1431 ; UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1979) several original sculptures which were replaced on Cathedral has been inserted into the lighthouse where it still stands today. The lighthouse itself still has the active role in regulation of traffic inside St. Ante seaway (in form of traffic light) because passage is too small to accompany more then one big ship at the same time. From 1922 island and the lighthouse of St. Andrea are a human made peninsula since citizens of Sibenik decided to made city seaside resort near by. Among other interesting things Jadrija lighthouse offers a perfect view on the near by Sveti Nikola (St. Nicola) castle built during 1535-1550.
Project / theme: 0130476
Original language: ENG
Research fields:
Information and communication sciences

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