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Bibliographic record number: 473389


Authors: Gomerčić, Tomislav; Sindičić, Magda; Galov, Ana; Arbanasić, Haidi; Kusak, Josip; Kocijan, Ivna; Đuras Gomerčić, Martina; Huber, Đuro
Title: High genetic variability of grey wolf (Canis lupus L.) population from Croatia as revealed by mitochondrial DNA control region sequences
Source: Zoological studies (1021-5506) 49 (2010), 6; 816-823
Paper type: article
Keywords: grey wolf, Canis lupus, control region mtDNA, D-loop, Croatia
Decline of grey wolf (Canis lupus L.) populations in Europe started some 250 years ago, causing almost complete eradication of wolves in Western Europe. As a consequence majority of remaining populations today exhibit unique haplotypes. Dinaric population has survived the eradication, representing the closest stable wolf gene pool to the West Europe. The grey wolf in Croatia came to the edge of extinction at the beginning of the ´90s, while during the last 10 years increase of population size has been observed and in 2008 it was estimated at around 200 individuals. We have analyzed 281 bp part of the mtDNA control region of 91 grey wolf samples from Croatia. Totally four haplotypes with 11 polymorphic sites have been identified, with haplotype diversity of 0.711 ± 0.018. One haplotype is new and so far has not been registered in any grey wolf population worldwide. Croatian wolf population has one of the highest mtDNA variability recorded until now, probably retaining a significant portion of genetic diversity of the formerly widespread and continuous European wolf population. Therefore, Croatian wolf population is a valuable source of gene diversity, which through immigration could help restore populations with reduced variability.
Project / theme: 053-0532400-2398
Original language: ENG
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Biology,Veterinary medicine
Full paper text: 473389.gomercic_2010_wolf_mtDNA.pdf (tekst priložen 2. Nov. 2010. u 10:34 sati)
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