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Bibliographic record number: 537834


Authors: Žužak, Ivan; Budiselić, Ivan; Delač, Goran
Title: A Finite-State Machine Approach for Modeling and Analyzing RESTful Systems
Source: Journal of web engineering (1540-9589) 10 (2011), 4; 353-390
Paper type: article
Keywords: representational state transfer; World Wide Web; software architectural styles; formal model; finite-state machines; hypermedia
Representational State Transfer (REST), as an architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems, enables scalable operation of the World Wide Web and is the foundation for its future evolution. However, although described over 10 years ago, no formal model for representing RESTful systems exists that is comprehensive in following REST principles, intuitive to Web engineers and researchers alike, and offers practical development guidelines. The lack of such formal models has hindered understanding of both the REST architectural style and the Web architecture, consequently limiting Web engineering advancement. In this paper we present a generic model of RESTful systems based on a finite-state machine formalism. We show that the model enables intuitive formalization of REST design principles, including uniform interface, stateless client- server operation, and code-on- demand execution. Furthermore, we describe the model’s mapping to a system-level view of operation and apply the model to an example Web application and several real-word Web applications. Finally, we explore the practical challenges and benefits of using the model in the field of Web engineering, ranging from better understanding of REST to designing frameworks for RESTful system development.
Project / theme: 036-0362980-1921
Original language: ENG
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Computer science
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Google Scholar: A Finite-State Machine Approach for Modeling and Analyzing RESTful Systems
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