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Bibliographic record number: 620396

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Authors: Váradi, Tamás; Tadić, Marko
Title: Central and South-East European Resources in META-SHARE
Book: Proceedings of COLING2012
Editor/s: Kay, Martin ; Boitet, Christian
Publisher: The COLING2012 Organizing Committee
City: Mumbai
Year: 2012
Page range:: 431-438
ISBN: 9781627483896
Keywords: language resources, language tools, language services, CESAR, META-NET, META-SHARE, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, Slovakian
The purpose of this demo is to introduce the Language Resources, Tools and Services (LRTS) that are being prepared within the Central and South-East European Resources (CESAR) project. To the computational linguistic community the languages covered by CESAR (Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian and Slovakian) were so far considered under-resourced and their language resources and tools being insufficient or hard to obtain, with limited coverage and processing capabilities. The CESAR project, functioning as an integral part of META-NET initiative, aims to change this situation by coordinating all relevant national stakeholders, to enlarge and enhance the existing LRTSs, as well as connect them multi-lingually in various ways. The most important aim of the project is to make all LRTSs for respective languages accessible on-line through the common European LRTS distribution platform META-SHARE. This demo will present how this platform can be used in different scenarios and how researchers or industry partners can easily access CESAR Language Resources, Tools and Services.
Project / theme: 130-1300646-0645
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Information and communication sciences,Philology
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Marko Tadić (, 1. Ožu. 2013. u 21:53 sati

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