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Bibliographic record number: 749615


Authors: Schatten, Markus; Ševa, Jurica; Okreša Đurić, Bogdan
Title: An Introduction to Social Semantic Web Mining & Big Data Analytics for Political Attitudes and Mentalities Research
Source: European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities EQPAM (2285-4916) 4 (2015), 1; 40-62
Paper type: article
Keywords: social semantic web ; web mining ; big data analytics ; network theory ; network visualization ; agent based modeling ; natural language processing ; sentiment analysis
The social web has become a major repository of social and behavioral data that is of exceptional interest to the social science and humanities research community. Computer science has only recently developed various technologies and techniques that allow for harvesting, organizing and analyzing such data and provide knowledge and insights into the structure and behavior or people on-line. Some of these techniques include social web mining, conceptual and social network analysis and modeling, tag clouds, topic maps, folksonomies, complex network visualizations, modeling of processes on networks, agent based models of social network emergence, speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing, opinion mining and sentiment analysis, recommender systems, user profiling and semantic wikis. All of these techniques are briefly introduced, example studies are given and ideas as well as possible directions in the field of political attitudes and mentalities are given. In the end challenges for future studies are discussed.
Project / theme: HRZZ-UIP-2013-11-8537
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Political science,Information and communication sciences,Sociology
Full paper text: 749615.EQPAM-Vol4No1January2015-MarkusSchatten-Juricaeva-BogdanOkreauri-CCU.pdf (tekst priložen 28. Sij. 2015. u 00:43 sati)
URL cjelovitog rada:
Journal in electronic form only:: DA
Google Scholar: An Introduction to Social Semantic Web Mining & Big Data Analytics for Political Attitudes and Mentalities Research
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Markus Schatten (, 28. Sij. 2015. u 00:43 sati

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