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Bibliographic record number: 899114

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Authors: Okreša Đurić, Bogdan
Title: Towards Modelling Organisational Dynamics for Large-Scale Multiagent Systems
Book: Trends in Cyber-Physical Multi-Agent Systems. The PAAMS Collection - 15th International Conference, PAAMS 2017
Editor/s: De la Prieta, Fernando ; Vale, Zita ; Antunes, Luis ; Pinto, Tiago ; Campbell, Andrew T. ; Julian, Vicente ; Neves, Antonio ; Moreno, María N.
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
City: Cham
Year: 2018
Serie: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 619
Page range:: 245-248
ISBN: 978-3-319-61578-3
Keywords: multiagent systems ; metamol ; organisational modeling ; dynamics ; large-scale ; mmorpg
The research proposed here aims at providing a novel organisational metamodel for Large-Scale Multiagent System (LSMASs), with special emphasis on modelling organisational dynamics. Ontology used for the metamodel will comprise selected concepts of human organisation applicable to LSMAS and a particular application domain thereof, Massively Multi- player Online Role- Playing Game (MMORPGs). Practical results include code-generating feature of the modelled system.
Citation databases: Scopus
Project / theme: HRZZ-UIP-2013-11-8537
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Information and communication sciences
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Bogdan Okreša Đurić (, 16. Lis. 2017. u 13:44 sati

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