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Autori: Samaržija, Dubravka; Antunac, Neven; Lukač-Havranek, Jasmina
Naslov: Taxonomy, physiology and growth of Lactococcus lactis
Izvornik: Mljekarstvo (0026-704X) 51 (2001), 1; 35-48
Vrsta rada: revijalni prikaz
Ključne riječi: Lc. Lactis; taxonomy; physiology and growth
Lactococcus lactis species is one of most important groups of lactic acid bacteria that are used in the dairy industry. The major functions of this species in dairy fermentation are the production of lactic acid from lactose, hydrolysis of casein and citric acid fermentation. Thus their metabolic end products and enzymes directly or indirectly have significant influence in determining the texture and flavour of the fianl products. In recent years, genetics and physiological properties of lactococci have considerable changed. Therefore, both for basic research and for application purposes in this paper the general view of the new taxonomic classification of Lactococcus lactis, the role of their plasmids and the physiology and nutritional requirements during growth are discussed.
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