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Authors: Prijić - Samaržija, Snježana
Title: Trust and Epistemic Cooperation
Source: Croatian Journal of Philosophy (1333-1108) I (2001), 2; 147-158
Paper type: article
Keywords: trust; epistemic cooperation; evidentialism; trustworthiness
In this paper, I defend a certain moderate version of Humean evidentialism against a Redian non- evidentialist's position. My proposal of cooperative viewpoint of trust is based on the following theses: (i) epistemic cooperation is a necessary condition for us to attain knowledge, (ii) any form of cooperative activity is based on the dependence relation and requires that cooperators trust one another ; (iii) justified trust cannot be blind in Redian non-evidentialist manner, but has to rely on some evidence ; (iv) crucial evidence that the hearer can have is evidence about the trustworthiness of informant, i.e., their moral and epistemic character.
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