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Autori: Ivković, Vladimir; Jovanović, Veljko
Naslov: Anthropocybernetic Investigation of Interaction Between Anthropometric, Psychometric Traits and Genetic Variation of the 5-HT Transporter in the Brain
Izvornik: International Anthropological Congress "Anthropology and Society" / Vignerová, Jana ; Riedlová, Jitka ; Bláha, Pavel (ur.). - Prag : Charles University, Faculty of Science ; University of Anthropology and Human Genetics , 2003. 70.
Skup: International Anthropological Congress "Anthropology and Society"
Mjesto i datum: Prag, Češka Republika, 22-24.05.2003.
Ključne riječi: anthropology; serotonin; transporter
The aim of the ongoing investigation is to obtain data on the interaction between anthropometric and psychometric traits and genetic variation of the serotonin transporter (5-HTT, SERT) in the brain. The purpose of this study is to provide the basis for future research on interaction between biological and psychosocial factors and their reflections on ecological and demographic developments of specific populations. Since the level of complexity in anthropological phenomena increases from individual, over family and onto social levels the intention was to gather relevant data that could be applied to understanding the dynamics of these processes through cybernetic modeling. Historic family data obtained from registries of births, marriages and deaths provide temporal context of demographic and socioeconomic development of investigated populations. Complexity of anthropological phenomena invokes the use of synthesizing anthropocybernetic models. "Values" model is based on OPSIM procedure and comprises of a system of 8 compartments and respective control mechanisms. The system of compartments is defined by the compartmental input Xi (added to a compartment i) and exit (Fi, j) or entry (Fj, i) flows. Serotonin or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) rates among the most investigated neurotransmitters. The reason for incessant 50 year research on 5-HT is well founded in its role as modulator of affective states, sleep cycles, appetite, learning, memory and various psychopathologies. Sodium dependent serotonin transporter (5-HTT, SERT) is found on placental, neuronal, pulmonary and platelet membranes and is believed to be the main action site for therapeutic antidepressants. Genetic variation of SERT is of great interest in terms of its influence on psychometric and possibly anthropometric traits. The study involves the following methodological steps: blood sampling, anthropometric measurement of subjects, collection of psychometric data and collection of family records. Psychometric data is obtained by means of combined administration of Eysenck Personality Scales© ; (EPS) and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2© ; (MMPI-2). Thus obtained data will be integrated into "Values" model. Tentative results indicate possible correlation between the stated elements, but significant further analysis needs to be done to confirm the obtained preliminary data.
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Projekt / tema: 0196003
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