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Autori: Salvat, Francesc; Krajcar Bronić, Ines; Sanche, Leon; Powell, Cedric
Naslov: Experimental data on elastic scattering : Chapter 5. In: "Elastic scattering of electrons and positrons"
Izvornik: IRB-ZEF-2003/44
Vrsta: Rukopis
Godina: 2003
Ključne riječi: elastic scattering; experimental data; elements; gases; molecules
Experimental data on elastic scattering cross sections are collected and critically analyzed. Differential cross sections, integral elastic cross sections, momentum transfer cross sections are presented in a wide energy range (1 meV - 100 keV) and compared with the values calculated by using the theoretical model developed for the purpose od this report. The chapter will be a part of the Report on Elastic Scattering of Electrons and Positrons.
Projekt / tema: 0098014
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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