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Autori: Slavić, Ana; Manenica, Ilija
Naslov: An attempt at mental load quantification in some mental tasks
Izvornik: Review of Psychology (1330-6812) 9 (2002), 1/2; 35-40
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: mental load quantification; mental tasks
In most mental load studies there is a problem of mental load assessment and its diferentation, which makes the attribution of changes in dependent variables difficult or impossible. The aim of this study was to indirectly quantify mental load in counting backward tasks (assessed on Borg's scale), by use of fitted regression line between Fitts' tapping task difficulty indices (bits) and the ratings of their difficulty, on the same scale. Starting a minute before the task, as well as during the task, subjects' cardiac R-R intervals were continuosly recorded. A good regression fit was obtained between the task difficulties in Fitts' tapping (bits) and their ratings (y=1.36+1.87x ; r=0.78). By the use of this regression, the estimates of mental load were transformed into equivalents of bits. Fitts' tapping tasks were also performed together with the three mental tasks, as primarry and secondary tasks, respectively. Generally, the validity of mental load quantification was indirectly supported by rather high and significant correlations between mental load equivalents in bits, on the one hand, and the ratings, residual mental capacity and cardiac parameters, on the other hand.
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Rad je kao predavanje prezentiran na skupu 6th Alps-Adria Conference of Psychology, održanom od 03.-05.10.2005., Rovereto, Italija ; objavljen u Knjizi sažetaka ; Remo Job, Daniela Selvatico (ur.) ; str. 29-29.